Oh hell, it’s election time!

Oh whoopie, oh how wonderful
this really got my goat!
It seems to be that time again
when we all have to vote.

Dig deep inside the storage space
for dusty flags and scarves;
electoral commissioner
the islands he just carves

in districts green and blue and red
and gerrymandered too,
how else can those who f****d us up
the voters grab and woo?

This is of course a voice that yells
from Labour’s vast expanse,
who live on comment boards @Times,
on PN graves to dance.

Were this to be a calm, blue voice
adoring the PM,
whose only massive mortal sin
was to be nice to “them”

it would no doubt be wondering
how could that JPO
not stay with joy in paradise?
He dealt us all a blow!

How could the rest of Malta
not realise how rich
we’ve all become in these last years,
how all’s without a glitch.

We’ll all ignore that little voice
tinged Green and sore as hell;
it’s not as if there’s anyone
who wants to hear them yell.

And so, with friends and colleagues
we’ll start a Facebook page
and scream and rant and splutter
and vent on it our rage.

We’ll say how all’s a total mess
and how the time has come
for all good men and women too
to shout and sound the drum.

How there can be no doubt this time
the scum will lose the race
and how their kids and nephews
won’t dare to show their face.

Let’s face it, after twenty six
unholy, stinking years
we’d rather have in government
a pack of savage bears!

Not that we’d be a lot far off
with Muscat’s lot in there!
say voices from the other side
raised high in fear and prayer.

No jobs, no plans, not even brains
just monsters from the past
who’re ready to devour us whole
and find it all a blast.

Is that a tinny voice we hear
from underneath a rock,
just clamouring for attention,
but spouting useless schlock?

It cannot have been important
no matter how frank, oh
well, it will soon disappear
and we’ll forget the show.

All experts we’ll become at once
on social network sites.
We’ll all be in our own dear eyes
as bright as shining lights.

And our great wisdom we’ll regale
to those from our own stock
and call all sorts of names and things
those others, dumb as blocks

who do not see how right we are
to think we know it all,
how when our side gets into goal
we’ll all just have a ball.

And on and on this can go on
forever and a day
because on this election farce
there’s just too much to say.

We can but hope for better times
before Election’s here!
One savage storm from way up north,
we’ll sink and disappear!