We impose

Humanity does not seem to believe in the live and let live concept. It seems to be against its very nature. Humanity insists on imposing. Its views. Its ideas. Its ideologies. And heaven help any of those who disagree with the imposition.

Oh, did I just use a religious aphorism to make my point? Little wonder, I suppose … imposition of the values that others value has become an integral part of what we “think”. From the blatant revisionist reconstruction of history to the slow, insidious, subliminal change-induction incurred through over-subscription to opinion-maker and/or blogger persuasive argumentation, we seem to be really messed up as to whether our own thoughts are really our own.

I have no clue if the thoughts I’m actually putting into words right now are mine, or if they’ve been instilled in me over the years, slowly edging their way into my cognition through subtle suggestion, or just hard-wired into the way I think by the socio-political culture of my upbringing.

Conspiracy theory? Who, moi? Perhaps. But there’s nothing to say that that has not also been imposed on me by my government. Or the opposition. Or the twists and turns of an eternity spent in the employ of others, who have their agendas and want “the best for me”. And put their arms around my shoulder and smirk and say that (emphatically) as they do their damndest to make sure I say “yes”.

The fact that I’ve often said “no” has been a tragedy in my life that I do not regret. But I do suppose that there are some people in Syria right now who might very well be regretting that they said no. Or those poor sods in Afghanistan who enjoyed a song and dance and got decapitated by the Taliban for their troubles.

The Taliban impose their very conservative, incredibly fundamentalist ideologies on everybody that is within their destructive reach.

So do we. We insist that what we believe is right is, in fact, the ONLY right. We believe with not a hint of ever thinking we’re wrong, that we have a monopoly on what is right or wrong.

And, no, I’m not talking about broad right or wrong. I’m not talking about pedophilia, for god’s sakes (oh, another one of those!), nor about murder … I’m not talking about black and white, that is universally accepted (except by a few perverts) AS right and wrong, I’m talking about the shades of grey in society.

I’m talking (for example) about gays not being able to form a family, because the government we have voted for (or against) must tow a certain very conservative line, and as a result impose. We saw this happening during the divorce debate. We’re seeing it happen (in mindless droves) in the in-vitro fertilisation argumentations. And now we have to insist that gays should not have a chance at happiness in life.

Why? Because we do not want them to have it. Because what they are disagrees with what we think.

Because we know we are right. And they? They are wrong! They have to be.

Because we can’t possible be.