To blog or not to blog…

It was categorically not my intention to start a regular blog.

I’ve studied them academically as I am keenly interested in the effect of social networking and interactive online tools in my academic research.

I have read a number of them along the years and have a few favourites I revisit quite frequently.

There are a few I shy away from as if they carry the plague. Well, the plague is probably preferable to the people who write them (and this was written with a distinct shudder!)

I’ve even been to learned conferences that discussed them … I still remember Stephen Downes fighting it out with Rob Koper in Barcelona a few years back. The first, a “blogosphere-prophet” academic with a vision that immediately saw the importance of the tools afforded by Web 2.0, and the second a solid, respected academic from the Dutch Open University. Downes had objected to the much more controlled vision of Koper’s research. He preferred emphasising the epistemological nature of what had become the Internet.

In any case, both had valid points, and this is not the place to go into analysing who “won”. I’m just saying that my flirtations with blogs have always been platonic … an affair that was read about and heard of in gossip rather than experienced. No explosive heat of passion, just curiosity.

And yet the reaction to my first posting yesterday was so positive, with two dear friends even posting comments on it and egging me on, and the likes on Facebook tallying up, that I might just go for it. No, not daily. Not even regularly, but whenever I feel like it. Maybe not for weeks. Or twice a day.

And it will be about all and sundry – hence the tagline “Of this, that… and the occasional cartoon.” Maybe I’ll just cartoon my blog one of these days, or photograph it, or just enjoy wallowing in the composition of words. One of the simpler joys of life.

Do not expect pearls of wisdom. But the occasional chuckle or nod of the head can be entertained.

2 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog…

  1. I tend to believe that blogs act as a pressure release valve, especially for creativity.

    I imagine creativity to be a bucket, a bucket in a garden outside. Just as it fills with rain in the cold months of the year, so too do we fill with creativity.

    A bucket full of water is useless – it has reached its climax and will soon go green. We can empty that bucket so that it can once again start collecting fresh water. Blogging seems to be the tool to do so.

    I’ve never had a blog before, I think you’ve just given me the push I needed to go and start one.

    Thank you!

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